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Live Note

Live Note is an App for Android and Iphone that enhances the users experience while seeing a performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra. The app was created by a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and itself is free but they heavily encourage you to get a subscription and become a friend of the Philadelphia Orchestra through the app which I think is a very powerful marketing tool. Live Note is particularly useful because of its ability to expand the audience of a performance. While in the past, some may have believed that classical music was something only the wealthy could enjoy or understand entirely, Live Note changes the game. The app follows the live performance and has a score that you can follow along with to see what the musicians are looking at, a history of the piece being performed, as well as in some occasions, a live feed of a principle player in the orchestra performing. Using this app can help the orchestra continue to increase ticket sales as well as help reach an audience never touched by this music previously. This app has helped increase revenue for the Philadelphia Orchestra by widening their scope of audience. Since the birth of LiveNote, ticket sales for the Philadelphia Orchestra have increased by 33% Although the app is newer, and the design is lack luster, the app works flawlessly.


Jason Spantank “Working With LiveNote” 10 October 2015

  Other orchestras and even museums should use this tool during their performances/ in their galleries. This tool helps an organization increase their revenue as well as customer experience and interaction. Making an app that functions and looks the part can be at times expensive, so this would be a tool used by a more established organization as opposed to a start up of some kind. Wolf Trap has used an app that is similar to this one in operations (Note Tracker), but pales in the sense of functionality and practicality.




For an arts organization, Meetup is an online social networking platform used to promote and facilitate group meetings in over 180 different countries throughout the world.  The the website currently has over 272,000 Meetup groups including more than 30 million members worldwide including individuals as well as organizations.  This tool requires an account but is free to the public.  In order to create a meetup event, a small monthly fee of $8 is required and allows for an unlimited amount of members and organizers.  The platform is easily accessible and available both online and through Android and Apple devices.  This technological tool is particularly useful for spreading information online about specific events or a specific interest oriented meeting.

Screenshot of Meetup Android App homescreen
Screenshot, Natalie Archer – Meetup Android App home page

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Image of the Evernote Logo


Evernote is an organizational app promoted for everyday activities or school/business related tasks. Available on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad and computer (via internet), Evernote has three plans to choose from. Signing up automatically registers you with the basic plan which is free with 6MB of storage per month. The Basic plan lets you collaborate in chosen discussions, make lists, set reminders, and take audio recordings (mobile only).  Plus, lets you connect to email, option for a security code, and offline access all for $24.99 per year with 1GB given per month. Lastly, Premium is the most advanced version with the ability to present and edit presentations, annotate PDF’s, and scans business cards for $49.99 per year with a whopping 10GB given/month. Evernote is easy to navigate and lets ones efficiency break through with its features.

I personally enjoyed using Evernote in the basic setting to create a few reminders for myself throughout the week as well as make notes for a presentation. It is easy to navigate on a mobile device and translates well onto my computer screen. The cloud system lets my information be ready to go, anywhere, at a touch of a finger. The reminders were spot on and easy to find when I needed to check them off. Needless to say if a college student finds it helpful to organize her chaotic life, than anyone with any agenda, can find this app useful.

Art Organizations will love this tool allowing them to harvest collaboration for a board or trustees or employees in a proficient manner. In the event of a project brainstorm for a fundraising event or important weekly meeting, the note taking and reminder settings can let any arts administrator stay sharp and prepared. Anyone can write down notes for themselves and share with a group, but Evernote lets you save them all in one place and connect others to your notes no matter where they are. Unique features like group editing can let discussion flow easily unlike other note taking apps that originally come with mobile devices or computers. The aspect of collaboration at all levels is essential in an arts organization, and the perfect way to assure that is to use Evernote.


Image of the Evernote Logo
Bernard Goldbach. “Evernote.” 27 May 2010. Flickr.


Goldstar App

         Since 2002, Goldstar, the world’s biggest ticket booth, has provided more than 6 million members nationwide with an opportunity to buy half-price tickets to lots of shows and events. Goldstar combines new technology with a wide range of live entertainment options for one-of-a-kind ticketing experience. Especially, the Goldstar app is designed for smart phones, which means that numerous people can easily download the app for free and use it for searching event tickets at deeply discounted prices. I think that the Goldstar app is a compelling tool for arts organizations to market their show because a lot of people are becoming more used to using cell phones and are enjoying the convenient services. Audiences no longer go to a ticket office to buy a ticket these days. They want to buy a ticket without waiting in a line. The Goldstar app has several features that can satisfy them.


Freaktography. “Tickets.”23 November 2013. Flicker.

          The app is free to download and gives users access to tickets for such live events as concerts, musicals, sports events, comedy events, nightclubs, and plenty more that is happening around users. The app not only saves users’ money, but also save users a lot of time searching for tickets by other means. People using the app can get event recommendations that are personalized, receive alerts when tickets go for sale, and take advantage of free and discounted tickets. So, users do not need to look around web sites to get information. The app helps users search by location, by date, by event type, or search on a specific event. Furthermore, users can read reviews on the show they want to see, get tips from other users, leave comments themselves, and even get directions to the venue through the app. I am sure that as technology develops, several new functions will be added to this app, so that it may replace all existing ticket system someday. Thus, arts organizations should actively set foot in the apps like the Goldstar in order to increase their ticket sales. To recap, It is safe to say that utilizing the Goldstar app is the most easiest and convenient way for both ticket buyers and suppliers.