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Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an innovative app that aids business owners and professionals to create ticketed events simply, easily keep track of financials, and seamlessly check in patrons to any type of event. This tool makes attending and running an event easier than ever for patrons and organizers. Ticket Tailor is user-friendly for organizers because it keeps all the information in one easy to access place. The application formats reports communicating financials, attendance, and other logistics. On the patron side of things, buying tickets and checking into the event is easier than ever, with multiple avenues to sign in, either manually through name look up or scanning a personalized QR code for a seamless check in experience.

The great aspect of Ticket Tailor is one of their main goals is staying accessible and affordable. Ticket Tailor offers a free trial for organizations to try out their database and see if it will work for their needs. The starting price for using their application is 65 cents a month with flexible pricing and no contracts. The application offers many features, Promotions Management, Seating Maps, Concessions and Employee Management, are just a few examples of these features. Many reviews I looked over when doing my research claimed they made the switch from utilizing Eventbrite to using Ticket Tailor and most seemed extremely satisfied with the new and more advanced system. I think what sets Ticket Tailor ahead of other applications is its flexibility in many aspects, like tailoring to all age groups and technological savviness. All ages can use and understand Ticket Tailor when purchasing the ticket and attending the event, and the multiple avenues for checking a patron in can be useful with different age demographics.

Wolfbane Productions
Real Life Ticket Tailor Usage, embedded website below

Real Life Ticket Tailor Use

Above is a hyperlink to Wolfbane Productions website for ticketing, utilizing Ticket Tailor’s widget on their own organization’s website. This application is difficult to show real life examples of, as the administrative side of Ticket Tailor is only visible to the organization utilizing the program and the ticketing emails are only received when a ticket is purchased.

Gained from reviews of the application, examples of different types of organizations that utilize Ticket Tailor: Broadcast Media, Non-profit Organizations, Hospital and Healthcare, Events Services, Food & Beverage, Music, Insurance, Entertainment, Wellness and Fitness, Arts & Crafts, Education Management, Hospitality, Marketing and Advertising, Retail, Professional Training & Coaching, Human Resources


What is Headout?

Founded in 2015, Headout serves as a mobile marketplace that aggregates third-party activities, tours and tickets for tourists and locals. [1] They operate by partnering with event organizers, cruises, music shows, theatres, etc, and selling it to a broad audience of experience enthusiasts.[2]

For the audience, Headout is a tool which everyone can uses, but for the arts organizations, it’s more like a partner, a third party. Arts organizations can sell a portion of its tickets to a vendor like Headout, and then Headout sells them to the audience.

Why Headout?

Headout can help arts organizations sells more tickets and reach new audiences. Also, through Headout reporting, arts organization will learn what sources bring in the most sales for their event, arts organizations will know where they should save money and where they should double-down.

How Headout works for arts organizations?


Headout can promote events to help organizations sell more tickets. Gaining more attentions in search engines, there has been a lot of promotions on ticket prices and track the performance of the events. When organizations create events, Headout makes the event readable on their website and to make their events listing easier to find and promote.


Headout optimizes for search and simplifies the ticketing process. They made good design for the checkout flow of a theatre event booking app, essentially focusing on the seat map selection flow.

For example, If users open the app and choose a location, for example New York, they will find many Broadway shows. Many classic shows such as The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Chicago, The Aladdin are sold on Headout at very cheap and attractive prices. The museums will also push it in the interface including some famous city attractions such as the MET. Obviously, Headout’s competitive pricing helps arts organizations attract more audiences and sell more tickets. 

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[2] https://uxdesign.cc/entire-checkout-flow-of-a-theatre-event-booking-with-headout-pwa-1c7ae2fd67f


Square is a great tool for arts organizations that sell both tickets and merchandise. The tool set is seamlessly integrated with other applications to enable accounting services, inventory management, social analytics, and shipping fulfillment. Payments can easily be processed anywhere with the Square Register app and the Square credit card reader (for smartphones and tablets). The Square reader is free, credit card processing fees are just 2.75%, and there are no monthly fees for basic Square applications. An organization can set up a free online store through Square’s website, and sales can be compared against inventory on-the-go. The most basic Square functions can be set up in under an hour! Square can be utilized by arts organizations to sell branded merchandise, or even by independent artists, like the participants of Artists & Fleas pop-up craft fair, to sell works of art.

The advantage of Square for arts organizations is that it offers more features than other comparable mobile processing systems without monthly fees. One extremely useful feature for arts organizations is the Square Feedback tool. With this tool, customers can provide feedback directly to the organization, as opposed to on social media (publicly). For arts organizations frequently under fire by their customers, this feature may help to manage criticism.

Another useful feature for arts organizations is the option for a rewards/loyalty program- digital punchcards based on spending. The arts organization can cultivate long-term relationships with customers and track their rewards activities easily by email addresses.

Lastly, Square offers opportunities not only for arts organizations’ sales, but also for donations. Donors can send cash via the Square Cash app, or make a donation as a purchase in the organization’s online store.

This image shows the simple steps required to setup Square for payments, easily completed in an hour.
Square Dashboard setup. 24 April 2015. Online image (screenshot). https://squareup.com/dashboard. Accessed 24 April 2015.