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Volunteer Management with VSys Live

VSys Live is a customizable browser-based portal that allows volunteers within an organization to complete everyday tasks. It is one of multiple components of the VSys Family created by Bespoke Software. Other members of this family include VSys One, a windows-based application that allows administrators to control and track volunteer activities on VSys Live and VSys Anywhere, a browser-based version of VSys One.

With VSys Live, volunteers are able to sign up for shifts and opportunities, check in and out of their shifts, enter hours, upload photos and documents, complete online training, run reports of their hours, schedules, accrued travel expenses and much more.

Because this tool allows volunteers to complete so many tasks on their own, administrators are relieved of these duties and are able to focus on other tasks within the organization. This increases productivity and growth within the organization as a whole.

So how does VSys Live actually work? When organizations inquire about the software on the VSys One website, the first step is to schedule a demonstration by completing an online form or calling a phone number to Bespoke Software. Pricing quotes are not available on the site since every organization’s needs will be different and dependent on the necessary features of their particular portal. VSys will work with each organization to build and customize their VSys Live portal based on their specific needs.

Morgan Johnson. “Screenshot of VSys Live Homepage, Smithsonian.” February 13, 2020.

When the site is finally live, ready to use and volunteer accounts have been created through VSys One or VSys Anywhere, volunteers will sign-in with their credentials and their organization’s Vsys Live homepage will greet them with a few key icons. These icons include a button to Check In/Out, a button to Report Past Hours and a Calendar view of their activities for the current month. Across the top of the page are multiple drop-down menus that include My Info, Check-In/Out, Find Opportunities, Online Trainings and Documents. The Find Opportunities tab is one of the most important functions for users since this allows them to sign up for different shifts and events throughout the organization.

VSys Live and the remaining VSys Family are all powerful tools that tremendously benefit organizations with a large number of volunteers. Putting more control into the volunteers’ hands allows administrators to put more focus into other areas within the organization.  This is extremely helpful and important to the organization’s pursuit of fulfilling its mission.



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Sponsorship Assets.” 2 April 2017. Shiftboard

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