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New Challenge in Adopting Digital Technology

Nowadays, digital technology is being used in the field of arts, and a lot of surveys show that arts organization believed that digital technologies are critical to all aspects of their works. However, according to a survey about technology use of arts organizations funded by National Endowment for the Arts, arts organizations are facing new challenges in adopting digital technologies, and most of the surveyed organizations are concerned about the balance among staff capacity, expertise, and funding. In addition, latest findings of the fourth Digital Culture survey stated that a lack of funding and staff time were barriers to their digital development.

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Arts Organizations and Their Online Presence

This infographic explains the use of social media platforms by arts organizations. Based on the data, it shows the average amount of online platforms used as well as which
platforms are more popular. Then, it lays out what to consider before posting on these platforms to make sure your posts reach your goal audience.

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Asana- Quinton Braswell

I chose the online application Asana for my Lightening talk. I knew from the beginning of the semester that I wanted to use Asana for this project because I’ve used it for my internship with Sound Impact. Asana is essentially a different kind of Basecamp, the objective of it is still the same; to organize and increase productivity. The tool allows you to task individuals or teams, create a collective calendar, discussion threads for individual tasks, and a messaging system to contact others. Asana is only accessible online. It is also free but requires an online registration. It’s hard to say what is the most useful thing about Asana, basically any tool you would need to keep you and your team on track is provided. However, it’s downfall is its user interface and organization. Again, it has everything, but some aspects are tedious, not designed well, hard to find, or hard to understand. I’m biased after using Basecamp for a few months within our Tech class, not to mention that my internship fell off the wagon from using Asana.┬áIn the beginning, my arts organization used Asana for about 3 months; we assigned tasks, discussed within the system, and updated the calendar. For some reason we used it less and less, I believe it was because the overall website is slightly confusing, unorganized, and a little annoying to have to update.


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