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Greetings, this is the WordPress blog of me, Keenan Gibson. I am a second semester senior theater major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a minor in arts management. I am currently studying at George Mason University. Over the last ten years I have taken an interest in comedy, focusing primarily on Improvisation, stand-up, and Television humor. I love a good laugh.

Virtual Reality in Museums

Over the last decade virtual reality has become increasingly popular. Virtual reality is mostly used in the modern age for visual graphics and video game design

People using virtual reality headsets in an open space at the museum. This is allowing new insight to the exhibits and allowing the patrons to be involved with the art around them.
Melanie Joly. VR and AR in Museums. 2016, May 11. VR Life News.

companies and they are constantly enhancing it to give people a much richer experience. It is a tool that allows people to be immersed in a world that is not the one they live in. To make VR possible there are some specific tools needed which include visual and audio designs, this is developed the same way animation or video games are created. This is processed through a headset which act like a thick pair of goggles, there are some replacements for this like the PC itself, or mobile applications. The only downside to that is the lack of “in world” living you get from the headset. The headphones which process the audio are also vital. The finally piece of the VR puzzle is the handset controllers, this is an optional piece as well, and may vary based on how the virtual reality is being used. VR uses state of the art 360 degree projections and visual aids to create a digital world for the user.

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Download An Arts Organization?

The info-graphic presented is an introduction to how arts organizations are taking advantage of the ever-growing social media market. Specifically, it focuses on the use of mobile devices and how those are used to create a more inclusive environment for all generations of arts organization visitors. The numbers don’t lie. So many people from all demographics and walks of life are social media active and will use their phones to access this social media. What organizations like museums, theaters, galleries, and concert halls are doing are doing is creating different ways for their content to be viewed and see that people are constantly using these apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat so they are taking advantage of those booming media markets.  Continue reading Download An Arts Organization?

Keenan’s Practice Post… He like it.

I can type whatever I want?


I choose to type this.

Type what?


Kinda meta don’t you think?

No… I don’t.

…Now put a list.

What kind of list?

Anything dude this is a practice post!

Okay… Ummm.

  • Spaghetti 
  • Desk
  • Ruler
  • Stars
  • Lists

What are you doing?

Listing whatever I want.

Okay stop put a hyperlink instead.

Alright, this is a hyperlink.

Stop being so meta!

Stop telling me what to do!

What is that below us?

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