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Classy Logo

Classy.org  is a fundraising software for non-profits. Arts organizations can use it to set up website donations, e-mails, crowdfunding, and event registration. Organizations can also allow individuals to set up peer-to-peer fundraising.

Once an account is set up and payment processing is established, organizations can start setting up fundraising campaigns right away. Everything can be set up through the online portal. The campaign look can be personalized and is automatically mobile-optimized. There is an extensive library of templates, articles, videos and other educational resources available online. Continue reading Classy.org


Give App

The Give app is a technological tool that is used to directly deposit a donation to a nonprofit organization. The Give app has partnered with GuideStar and provides access to “virtually every U.S. 501c3”[1], which totals to 1.9 million nonprofit organizations. The donations made through Give are 100% tax deductible, as guaranteed through their donation processor, Network for Good.

Give App Logo and Slogan
“Give-App-Facebook.” 1 July 2014. Online image. Nonprofit Tech for Good. Accessed 17 April 2015.

The goal of Give is to be a “platform of self-promotion”[2] and provide opportunities for a nonprofit to engage in a personalized technology app without the expense of developing the app. Nonprofits are free to sign up to create a profile and register to be able to streamline how the app serves them. Donations received for a particular month are sent to the nonprofit on the 15th of the following month, but the nonprofit can also sign-up for electronic payment. Give is also capable of running tracking reports of donations made through the app. Because Give processes donations through a third party, there is a 4.75% processing fee that is deducted from the initial donation, and given to Network for Good to help pay for the cost of maintaining the technology. However, the Give app is only available for iPhone and iPad users, a total of 470 iOS users. Nonprofit organizations are missing out on access to 1 billion Android users, about 68% of total phone owners.[3]

Give is unique, because it allows donors to share news and events from their favorite nonprofits on social media, and encourage their friends and peers to give to these organizations as well. Nonprofits can also host fundraiser events to start donation drives for specific causes instead of just a general call for donations. This feature helps the nonprofit create a compelling story that resonates with donors, who in turn, will share their enthusiasm via social media.

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